Calm and Confident Birth

Learn how to be your own best advocate and receive educational guidance and emotional support on your birthing journey.

Before Birth Care

Your prenatal visits are unique and personalized. You will learn what to expect throughout the prenatal period and during your labor. Bri will discuss any fears or anxieties that may arise in you and involve your partner in learning to give you the support you want. These visits are tailored to your specific needs and focus on practical information and positioning while also meeting you where you are emotionally and mentally. The prenatal visits are a safe space to address concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Labor is a wild, ever-changing, intense journey and while it cannot be planned, you can become prepared. The takeaways you will receive from the prenatal meetings are feeling empowered to make your own decisions and knowing your rights. You will be equipped with evidence-based information on the options you have. You will be given the knowledge and tools you need to make autonomous decisions regarding your body and birth.

You may discover that you have more coping techniques and strength than you think. Bri helps you tap into what has helped you work through hard things in the past and explore your individual needs.

Added service: Upon request, additional prenatal meetings or childbirth education can be provided to address any concerns, expand your knowledge of birth, and create added space for emotional processing.

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During Birth Care

Doulas provide physical support such as massage techniques, counter-pressure or double hip squeezes, as well as Spinning Babies techniques. A lot of hands-on, emotional, and mental support can positively impact how you cope with labor and help increase the safety around your birth. 

Bri helps you release tension through breathwork and positioning. She is a listening ear, source of encouragement, and uses proven labor supports that increase your satisfaction and create optimal labor progress. She fully supports partners who want guidance and support.

It’s important to know what things are happening, why they are happening, and have a say in what is happening. Bri has the experience and knowledge to help you  navigate various situations and helps you ask the important questions during your care. She helps provide clarification and context for any decisions that need to be made, making you feel strengthened and supported. 

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After birth care

After childbirth is a phase of recovery, joy, and significant adjustment. Securing early postpartum care can help you transition into your new life. 

As your postpartum care doula, Bri helps you rest, recover, feed, and develop a healthy bond with your child. This includes chest or breastfeeding guidance, encouraging you to trust your intuition and instincts, educating you about your newborn, and meal preparation.

Bri is here to help you navigate through your first several weeks of parenthood and support and educate you in areas that require it so that you can start parenthood your way. Doulas are also a resource for referrals in your community, such as Lactation Consultants and Pelvic Floor Therapists. 

Bri serves new parents by helping to ease their transition to parenthood so that they may experience more joy and can be more present with their newborn.  

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Meet Your Childbirth Advocate

Bri has been helping birthing parents and their families for the past 12 years. She is a registered nurse and a birth doula. She left the corporate healthcare sector to be a better advocate to families and integrates her background into her current doula practice, bringing personalized and customizable care to meet the needs of her clients. She takes the time to learn about her clients and be flexible in her care. She has witnessed a wide variety of situations and outcomes and can often anticipate the plan of care. Bri brings a calm presence to the birthing room. She is a doula at heart with the medical background of a nurse. 

She helps people navigate a hospital system that can often pose challenges. In your prenatal meetings and childbirth education classes she uses role play, strategies, and communication tools to help you prepare for your hospital experience. The focus of the meetings is on the physiologic process of childbirth combined with birthing in a hospital system. 

It is her privilege to work with families during this monumental transition. Bri brings a realistic view of birth to the table. The truth of labor and birth is that it’s not something you can totally prepare for but her hope is to help you tap into as many coping tools as possible. Labor brings you to your most raw and vulnerable self. Being treated with dignity and care during this time is of the utmost importance. Bri plays an instrumental role in allowing her to meet, connect, and provide personalized, quality care to families throughout their pregnancy and beyond. 

You are the center of your birth. You have innate instincts and wisdom and Bri is along for the journey, helping ask the important questions and helping you make the best decisions for you and your baby.

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